Take Action on Overpopulation

Overpopulation is still the elephant in the room; the topic that governments and policy makers don’t want to discuss openly. But there is strength in numbers and together we can take action on overpopulation. Whether you are making important changes to your own lifestyle, or encouraging others to do the same, your actions count.

Here's how you can help

Choose to Have a Smaller Family

Take action on overpopulation by choosing to have a smaller family. You’ll be doing far more than just helping the planet.

Add your Voice to our Campaigns

Email the British Prime Minister

Tell Rishi Sunak that the British Government needs to do more about overpopulation.

Email the United Nations

Tell the UN that you want overpopulation on the agenda at COP29 in November.

Email the Catholic Church

Tell the Catholic Church it needs to respect women’s reproductive rights.

Buy the Book

The Message is the critically acclaimed debut novel from Yan Vana that cleverly puts human civilisation under the microscope and highlights the inevitable consequences of overpopulation.

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