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      Chris Lewer

      According to the World Wildlife Fund’s 2020 Living Planet Report, global populations of birds, fish, mammals, amphibians and reptiles have declined on average by almost 70% since 1970.

      Has human overpopulation started a sixth mass extinction? And what does this mean for the future of mankind?

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      I’m not sure that mankind would survive a mass extinction. Everything on the planet is too interconnected, humans, animals, plants, ecosystems. A mass extinction would affect food and fresh water supplies at the very least.

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        I think humans are definitely on borrowed time. I would like to think that it isn’t too late though. Would reducing human population turn things around? Yes it probably would, particularly if you combined population reduction with a more responsible attitude towards animal habitats, overfishing, etc.

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        It would certainly help if more people shifted to plant-based diets. Even eating less meat would help. Apart from anything else, it would show a greater level of respect for animals and their habitats.

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