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      Chris Lewer

      During the 20th century, the population of the United States increased by just over 3-fold, rising from 76 million to 282 million. During that same period, there was a 17-fold increase in the U.S.’s consumption of raw materials.

      Is reducing 21st Century consumption enough, or is it critical that the planet’s population decreases?

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      Both need to happen. People need to be less material driven for a start. And less of us would, of course, reduce consumption. It’s not rocket science, yet overpopulation is continually overlooked.

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      The answer of course is both. But surely it must actually be easier to steadily reduce the human population. This is the thing I’ve never understood. All it takes is having less children. People need to overcome the obsession with large families.

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        It doesn’t help when high profile leaders and celebrities have multiple children. Boris Johnson (a self-proclaimed champion for the environment) has 7 children, although there are suspicions of more. And Prince William and Kate are rumoured to soon announce that a fourth is on the way. Not exactly doing their bit for population restraint!

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