Morgan Freeman on Overpopulation

Morgan Freeman On Overpopulation

Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman has, on more than one occasion, expressed concern over the direct link between human population growth and environmental decline.

While being interviewed by Marlow Stern for the Daily Beast in 2017, Morgan Freeman was asked what he would fix in the world if he were a god or wizard.

The actor responded as follows:

“We’re turning everything on the planet into food for humans so we’re cutting down the rainforests, displacing all of the animals, and we’re doing all this to feed humans. That all started with the advent of agriculture. When we were hunters and gatherers, the population could only go as far as the food could go.

“We have 7 billion* people on this planet. It’s not that there’s not enough room on this planet for 7 billion people, it’s that the energy needs for 7 billion people are 7 billion people’s worth of energy needs, as opposed to, say, 2 billion.

“Imagine how much pollution would be in the air and the oceans if there were only 2 billion people putting it in? So yeah, we’re already overpopulated.

“I feel we’ve become a parasite on this planet. If this population keeps growing, we’ll just keep devouring the planet, and I don’t think it’s going to stand for that very long.”

* The Earth’s human population surpassed 8 billion in November 2022.

Morgan Freeman on Overpopulation
Morgan Freeman on Overpopulation

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      Chris Lewer

      Morgan Freeman’s comments really highlight the inability of most people to accept basic logic where overpopulation is concerned. More people equates to greater consumption of resources and the production of more waste. So why do the majority of people still bury their heads in the sand?

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